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How we Started

Two days before lockdown 2020, I purchased every type of craft material you could possibly think of. After trying everything from cement to make pot plants, to wax to make candles, I knew I needed to keep busy while being in lockdown on my own. One of the items was a ball of rope and I started experimenting with macrame (thanks Mikhalia). After months of Isolation and experimenting making items such as plant hangers, yoga mat straps and even a clutch purse, using different Knots, I came up with “ I So Knot” . A play on words for the isolation and the knots of the macrame and how it helped with the knots in my stomach caused by the stress of this period.


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 Our Story

I am a flight attendant for a major airline in South Africa, with flights grounded during lockdown and my salary being placed on hold, I decided to something instead of numbing out on Netflix. During the winter months I taught myself macrame. After watching a million and one videos during the winter months, I taught myself how to create these different knots to make different items and I made my first plant hanger.

Being the perfectionist that I am, macrame allows be undo knots and try again without having to start a project over each time a mistake is made. This helped me actually enjoy the process more. I started to make some items for friends who convinced me to put myself out there and try sell some of the items I had made. It’s really about your self worth and shutting out the negative critical voice in your head.

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